Freelance Web Design Jobs! Creating WordPress Themes

The use of the internet is growing rapidly. The demand for creating dynamic websites is also increasing. There are many web development languages ​​to create dynamic websites.

PHP has become a popular scripting language for server sites and it is now the most widely used programming language in web development. Various CMS (Content Management System) have been created with the help of PHP. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are examples of CMS created using PHP.

WordPress is a popular blogging platform, which is made with PHP. Using WordPress, you can create your own blog even if you don’t have any programming skills. You can create any type of CMS using WordPress. It is an open source CMS based on PHP.

That’s why WordPress customization work and other content management systems always require skilled PHP coders and freelance web designers. Many website owners need to tweak the design for their new blog. WordPress customization and CMS customization are a new field in the field of web development.

Therefore, if you are a creative designer and want to participate in this new field of web development, you should learn PHP and learn how to create custom themes for WordPress. There are plenty of online tutorials on “How to Create a WordPress Theme” or “How to Convert a PSD to a WordPress Theme”. This is similar to converting PSD to HTML or creating a custom website design for a static website. The only difference is that you convert the PSD into a PHP file, which will be used as a custom design for the blog. Drupal and Joomla are also theme-based CMSs that require website design work.

As a freelance web designer, you can get enough income if you learn WordPress customization. WordPress is the most widely used open source CMS in the world. There is also a lot of web design work related to other CMS. So I recommend web designers to learn PHP.

The Best Way to Create a Freelancer or Job Bidding Website


This article will fully show and guide you through setting up your own freelance or bidding website. The main idea behind the freelancer website is that service buyers publish items within a certain budget, while other users, called service providers, bid at different prices (perhaps hourly rates). When the project time is up, the service buyer selects a winner for the project and gets to work.

Choose your domain name

When setting up this type of website and any type of website, the first thing to do is get a domain name and a hosting site for yourself. The domain name should reflect the quality of the website. For example, if your website focuses on IT and programming, the name should reflect keywords such as: programming, web development, etc.

Get hosting

After choosing your domain name, you need to choose your host. First, you should use the cheapest hosting service you can find. As a suggestion of your choice, please refer to the following list:

Shared Hosting (godaddy, bluehost, $5-15$/month)
VPS hosting (, iweb and others 30$-100$/month)
Dedicated server ($100 to $1000 per month)
Project bids and freelance software

The next step is to choose your actual freelancer script or software. Recently, after trying many heavy and difficult to configure classic php freelancer scripts, we have found a better choice: WordPress. Yes, you heard right, WordPress is a good choice and there are some themes for providing WordPress projects that can achieve this goal.

Here are the main and important features of the WordPress bidding theme:

  1. Good for SEO: WordPress Sites Crawl Faster by Search Engines
  2. Free Plugins: Get Unlimited Free Plugins
  3. Community-driven: The large community available can create modules for you for free
  4. Bid Package: The project bid theme provides multiple bid packages that are managed by the administrator
  5. Complete management system: control everything from your management area
  6. Project budget: set different budget types for your project
  7. Private Message System: Users can send private messages to each other
  8. Attach files to download when publishing the project
  9. Social login: Facebook and Twitter login options
  10. Multiple payment gateways: PayPal, PayPal adaptive, parallel payment and chain payment, moneybookers,
  11. payza, credit card
  12. Virtual credit system: virtual currency on every user account
  13. Make money and make money online

The most important thing when starting an online business is making money online. There are multiple monetization methods, such as listing fees, listing featured projects, or pulling a certain percentage from each completed project. Similar sites make millions of dollars every year, and you can do that. Similar websites are available for different market segments: freelancer, elance, odesk, taskrabbit, etc.


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