Finally, A Career Guide For Freelancers

There is no magic bullet, no magic formula. Those of us who have experienced sunshine and storms can only smile and face everything that begins with a strong desire for success. The craft of freelancers takes years to shape and a lifetime to perfect. We’re in luck: the internet has redefined the word “freelance” and turned it into a career where almost anyone can make money with professional information. Now, with some guidance and a lot of practice, freelancer success is more of a reality today than it was before the internet went mainstream. Long working days can take a lot of hard work, but in the end it is indeed possible to earn a significant income through online freelancers.

To help you remember the quick guide, I’ve come up with the perfect acronyms: SKIN, GOAL, and LEVEL. Try to remember these acronyms as they will definitely come in handy and create milestones for you. After all, this is your life business.

Phase 1-Define your S-K-I-N
• Skill
• knowledge
• interest
• The Internet

Phase 2 Set up your G-O-A-L
• Generate your products/services
• Business System Organization
• Accelerate your sales
• Climb the top with big jumps

Phase 3-Let yourself go to the next L-E-V-E-L . to go
• Use joint projects
• Enrich others to enrich yourself
• volunteer activity
• Get sponsorship and favor
• Live a simple life

Let’s start with phase 1 determine your S-K-I-N

The goal of phase 1 is to lay the foundation for your career. Identifying your skills, knowledge, and interests can also help you identify existing conditions, problems, limitations, and even weaknesses. With some practice you will be able to make decisions, determine the consistency of future intensity and speed of progress. After discovering your skills, knowledge, and interests, we’ll move on to exploring ways to build your network.

In this order:

1) Mark 3 columns on your paper and label each column with a title – skills, knowledge and interests. Make your list according to the following criteria.

2) Examine the list and weigh the possibilities when you only need to choose one item from each column.

3) Fill in and draw your conclusions, as shown in the example below.

4) Generate a random idea of ​​the type of freelance you can take on.


The skills we refer to are “Godsend Skills”. These are the skills you were given at birth. If you are deprived of all resources – money, friends, education, etc., what can you do without help?

Is it the ability to describe the details of characters?
Can you come up with a compelling story?
Can you write travel notes?
Are you a born salesperson?
A natural teacher?
Can you make the child laugh?
Are you a math master?
Can you compose?
Do you easily grow flowers?

• knowledge

By knowledge we mean “expertise”. These are special pieces of information that a niche market may perceive as valuable. Expertise can cover sunset photography, furniture design, copywriting, wood painting, basket making, animal breeding, interior decorating, flower arranging, bread making, software programming, web design, business plan writing, video production, online marketing, search engine optimization writing, and many others.

We often don’t realize that we have had the expertise in-house for so long. Professional knowledge can be as simple as knowing a lot about caring for the elderly or preparing daily meals for children with diabetes.

• interest

In life, there can be a range of interests that keep us busy. The interest we’re looking for is one you’re so passionate about that you don’t notice how much time you spend on the task. You may not get great results, but you will stick with them because “passionate interest” is therapeutic and stimulating.

Study your checklist now and when you determine your personal assessment, determine the following to build your career. Take it easy…

God-given skills____________________________
Professional knowledge_______________________________
Passionate Interest _______________________________

Example claim 1

God-given skill is “writing”
Expertise is “preparing salad recipes”
Passion is “growing vegetables from the backyard”

Random Thoughts: You can record your daily experience of growing vegetables in the backyard on your blog. Talk about preparing the soil, which crops grow in shade or sun, etc. Describe the tools you use. Arouse the interest of readers by showing videos. Request sponsorship from potential advertisers. Create an eBook on “Salad Recipe – Fresh Baked”. Place ads for brands such as olive oil, vinegar, and mayonnaise on e-books and distribute them for free when they subscribe to your blog.

Example conclusion 2

God-given skill is “selling”
Expertise is “computer repair”
Passionate hobby is “computer games”

Random idea: One possible online business is to write your reviews of various computer games and get advertising sponsorship. Make recommendations that are appropriate for each age group. You can also write methods to upgrade the hardware specifications to optimize the performance of the required software games. Work with computer dealers as your supplier. Create your own software game bundle promotion package and sell it online.

Example conclusion 3

The God-given skill is “teaching”
Expertise is “published books”
Passion is “playing with children”

Random Thoughts: Sure, you can teach illustrators and writers how to create interesting educational books that kids will respond to. Get book samples from different publishers and give random surveys to understand which book the child would choose based on the cover, etc. Record the process in the video. You can comment on children’s books and make suggestions to improve them. The publisher will be happy to pay you for the research results before sending the prototype to the media.

Generating a random idea about your freelance career is a great way to envision your own actions. Don’t worry about the details because as you become more confident in your goals and vision, many of these details will change over time. The more energy and energy you put into your God-given skills, expertise, and passionate interests, the more you can make your career a success.
Lesson 2 of our freelance career guide is about identifying your network. The network is also referred to as our “market” or “potential customer”.

If you haven’t clearly identified S-K-I-N as a whole, you can’t even begin to think about “building your network.” If this is the case, you should check:

• God-given skills
• Knowledge-Professional
• Interest-Passion
• earn money online

Your network is a list of people you can sell to (if you look at a multi-level network, your network can be defined as the level of people you sell to).

The quality of your network reflects your identity. Selling a “get rich without work” business plan will attract those who want to make quick money without having to work. When you sell online casino memberships, you attract networks that would rather spend their time on “luck” than “hard work”. There is no “right” and “wrong” network. This is simply a matter of choice.

You can build your N by first announcing and promoting your S-K-I. The fastest way is to create a blog. It may sound strange right now, but a busy blog is the easiest strategy and the most economical place to showcase your skills, knowledge and interests worldwide. This is the only way to quickly attract like-minded people, build relationships and trust and ultimately turn your S-K-I-N into a sales machine. In the following courses in phase 2, we will go into detail about the method of building a network according to your business plan. Now let’s focus on completing phase 1.

Let’s take an example scenario from Lesson 1 to let you know:

• God-given skill is “writing”
• Expertise is “preparing salad recipes”
• Passionate hobby is “growing vegetables from the backyard”
• Make Money Network is a directory of buyers interested in salad recipes, salad dressings, herbs, organic fertilizers, garden tools, and other products related to your knowledge and passion.

Random Business Plan Ideas:

You can write your daily thoughts about growing vegetables in your backyard on your blog. Talk about preparing the soil, which crops grow in shade or sun, etc. Describe the tools you use. Arouse the interest of readers by showing videos. Request sponsorship from potential advertisers. Create an eBook on “Salad Recipe – Fresh Baked”. Place ads for brands such as olive oil, vinegar, mayonnaise, blends, etc. on e-books and distribute them for free when they subscribe to your blog. Looking for other products to sell. Create an ecommerce catalog.

Now you might say, “But where can I buy the product for sale?” Don’t worry, we’ll wrap up all the important aspects step by step in the second phase of our freelance career guide.
Take a moment to study your S-K-I-N conclusions. Are you satisfied? Can you imagine the big picture and feel the excitement of random business ideas? If you’re inspired by S-K-I-N, then you need to be prepared for the right direction.

You have to be very sure of your S-K-I-N because all your future careers will depend on it. Every small change affects the prospects of the entire company. While we take full advantage of your strengths and assets, you should also consider the personal weaknesses that you have to work hard to fix or resolve. Working alone can lead to crazy lazy work habits, and if you get hired, you will never be able to get rid of this habit. Remember you have to make money every day.

Please take a moment to evaluate yourself before entering Phase 2. Take a moment to use your personal resources as much as possible. Take short courses, accept freelance jobs, join hobby clubs, forums, workshops and seminars.

Keep up the blog to get used to writing down your thoughts. You will also receive comments that may inspire you to write more. When you are ready to create your own plan, your communication skills will improve – this is an important tool for success.

Close your eyes. Suppose the current date is five years from now. Where do you want to go? Are you going to run a job or business that hasn’t grown significantly in scale? Do you manage a fast-growing network? Will you continue to expand opportunities or have you cashed in and relaxed and enjoyed the hard-won winnings?

Answering these questions is the first step in developing a successful career plan. In fact, it is impossible to plan without knowing where you are going.

Why should you be free to engage in God-given skills?

My answer is simple: God-given skills are things you have no matter what. More importantly, it’s yours, you don’t have to ask for it. There must be a good reason why you and not everyone else in this world are privileged to have this special gift. How to make the most of it is entirely up to you.

With this in mind, career planning makes sense as well as practical. Freelancers sometimes feel lonely. Work partners can come and go, projects can go wrong, expenses can be delayed and your business can collapse overnight – many things can happen, leaving you frustrated and confused.

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