We Become a Seller on Fiverr – Very Good Experience Indeed!

In part 1 of our Fiverr review, we looked at the origins of Fiverr and how you, as an internet marketing entrepreneur, can use the services sold on Fiverr to reap your internet marketing advantage.

To fully understand the Fiverr experience, we want to see what it’s like to sell on Fiverr. So we created a free account in November (all accounts are created for free).

Two days after our first show came out, we did a promotion, and I have to say it was a really cool experience! Since then, we’ve completed 36 orders, monetized and become the “#1 supplier” of choice. Now we don’t intend to make Fiverr a major source of income, but it is an effective platform for further network marketing opportunities (described below).

Selling on Fiverr – What Would You Spend $4 For?

While the seller costs $5 per base performance, if you’re a Fiverr seller, you’ll only earn $4. Fiverr charges a maximum of 20%, so you’ll basically cost $4 per show. Okay, so why are you trying to make a paltry $4 doing something that takes really hard work? What if you spend $4 and 30 minutes doing something. What you do may not even meet minimum wage.

Besides, how did you find it in the huge database, especially when as a beginner you had to pay 4 dollars (or less) from a lot of hope?

Well, it’s not as bleak as all of them. Fiverr has a huge forum and many blogs, through their customer service department to learn how to get noticed and promoted in the ranks. Keep in mind that your average income after incorporation can be much more than $5. In our example, as the ranking increases, we now have additional “shows” that can run up to $40 per show. This is a real money making opportunity.

However, the main point of Fiverr (in our humble opinion) is that you may also meet someone in another company who has built an alliance outside of Fiverr that you may have never met. These connections are very valuable. We’ve established a number of connections, and for this alone, our Fiverr experience as a seller is worth it.

Signing up as a Fiverr seller is easy (and it’s free), and getting your show in place will take a bit of thought – title space is limited and you need to be good at keyword tags. Here your writing skills will help you.

Sales success at Fiverr is all about copywriting skills and labeling. Just like online marketing, your copywriting skills are essential. You have 1200 words to describe what you are going to do for your Fiverr show, which isn’t a lot of words. Your Fiverr title must be accurate and meet the requirements. You can also add tags to your Fiverr shows and again use strict keywords so you can be found.

You can choose to use a video of up to 60 seconds, which is a necessary condition for success. Fiverr said using “introduction videos” can increase the odds of selling goods by 220%. We don’t know how they calculated this metric, but we agree that video can provide potential Fiverr buyers with insights that text and images cannot. If you decide to sell on Fiverr, use the video as part of the show!

One frustrating aspect of creating a title for your show is that Fiverr says you have 80 spaces to use, but this isn’t the case. Their system does not allow the title to exceed 50 spaces. Fiverr works hard to avoid headlines that are too big, and as the number of ads for Fiverr members grows, the sheer size of long headlines will be cumbersome and cumbersome to the results. In this way, we pass the benefits of doubt to Fiverr, who tries to help you as a Fiverr member to be concise and concise.

We get it – tell visitors what they’ll get and grab their attention. While we want to add more content to the Fiverr headline, we need to sharpen our thinking to be very focused on what we’re saying, and in the end it can be in everyone’s best interest to keep the headline short.

As we mentioned, we treat the Fiverr sales experience as an experiment to see how it works, but the connections you can make are worth it, and we believe that every revenue we get is a reward. Let’s see here:

Your experience as a Fiverr seller should consider broader, long-term goals. As a network marketing entrepreneur, experiencing Fiverr’s work in sales allows you to showcase your skills to new friends you’ve never met before. Isn’t this what network marketing and making money online is all about? Meeting the future alliance of new friends can bring synergy effects to your network marketing.

As you increase your sales, you can reach new levels in Fiverr and get additional benefits.

The following is a summary of the levels of the Fiverr site:

Level 1-You have been active on the site for 30 days and have made a minimum of 10 orders, while maintaining an excellent score and a good track record. You will be automatically promoted to level one. At this level, you get more features, making it easier for you to provide more advanced services and generate higher revenues.

The first level features include: ExtraFast Gig Extra / 2X Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20) / Gig Multiples (up to 4)

Level 2 – You have placed more than 50 orders in the last two months while maintaining excellent reviews and a good track record. You are automatically promoted to level 2 and unlock advanced sales tools to further expand your services and increase your sales. You also get priority support.

Second level features include: ExtraFast Gig Extra / 3X Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40) / Gig Multiples (up to 8) / Priority Support

Top Rated Sellers-The top rated sellers are manually selected by Fiverr editors. Promotions are based on the following criteria: seniority, sales volume, high ratings, excellent customer service and community leadership. As a top seller, you have access to a wider range of selling tools, early access to beta features, and VIP support.

Top seller features include: ExtraFast Gig Extra / 4X Gig Extras (5 US dollars, 10 US dollars, 20 US dollars, 40 US dollars, 100 US dollars) / performance multiples (up to 20) / VIP support

Conclusion about Fiverr

We are in an exciting era on the internet. The fact that a website like Fiverr can exist and grow so big in just 4 years is shocking. However, as expansion technology continues to advance at the speed of ideas and the ability to accelerate development continues to increase, the current global economy will only get bigger.

How is Fiverr even more? Some sites appear in the $5 range while others have different price points and structures. Here are five such sites:

GigBucks-GigBucks’ biggest selling point for Fiverr is that the price of the show can be between US$5 and US$50. Merchants can also choose to receive payment through Payza and credit cards. Like Fiverr, joining is completely free and you can post an unlimited number of shows.

Seoclerks-Seoclerks is a large and busy platform for all things SEO and internet marketing. If you want to buy and sell in this niche market, it’s a good alternative to Fiverr, and maybe even a better choice than Fiverr. Not only does the site get a lot of traffic, but it also allows you to apply for the widest range of funding for the show, ranging from $1 to $999. Payments are made through PayPal, Payee, and Alertpay/Payza.

Taskarmy-Taskarmy may not be as popular as some other micro job sites, but they try to avoid such widespread bidding wars and poor work quality on Fiverr and its alternatives. All sellers are screened and manually approved before being listed, and they are encouraged to quote competitive but more realistic prices for their services. This website has a certain sense of order and professionalism, and it is definitely something that buyers and sellers alike are worth checking out.

Zeg-The best thing about Zeg is that you can charge between $2 and $100 per show. There are no commissions and fees. Sellers pay directly from buyers via PayPal and Alertpay/Payza.

Fourerr-Fourerr looks and feels very much like the new Fiverr. However, as the name suggests, the show starts at $4. Sellers can also add several small performance fees and there is also a rating system in place. The only real reason to try Fourerr is that it is a very popular platform. So if you’re looking to expand your reach, this is one of the few Fiverr clones worth checking out.

Put your sales performance on Fiverr or some of these alternatives, but always offer value and stick to it, you can be successful in this area too.


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