Specialty As A Freelance Writer

How To Establish Credibility In Your Specialty As A Freelance Writer

The first way to establishing credibility in your specialty as a freelance writer is to create a brand for yourself and stand out from the crowd. You need to stand out because you have something unique to offer readers that no one else in your niche has.

It’s all about creating a unique identity and establishing a unique presence. Your brand is about how you look, sound, write, and present yourself as a writer. Remember that it doesn’t matter if your brand is “nice”, “well-liked”, or “been good to companies”.

Your brand is about what you’re really good at writing about. If you could write a book which would talk about anything you wanted to, your brand is going to be very good.

Set Aside Your Expectations

When setting up your brand, it helps to eliminate your expectations. Many freelancers I know have set unrealistic expectations for themselves and seen their chances of success go up with each inability to meet their expectations. Set a minimum goal and have the confidence to go with that goal.

Set an overabundance of expectations

Set all expectations for yourself to meet with zero ability to meet it. Sure, it would be better to meet your expectations if you have no expectations. However, setting high expectations is always a recipe for disaster.

There are many other types of requirements that you need to meet, such as potential deadlines. Setting expectations will give you extra confidence to succeed.

Do something different

In most freelance industries, to stand out you must meet a high standard of writing. Being unique in terms of your writing means you have to write in an entirely new language, using a unique combination of strategies, techniques, and tools.

Extract the value

If you have a brand you are known for, reach out to an audience that is “like minded”. You can do this by convincing your audience of how valuable you are and provide them the same benefits you are able to provide to others.


When you’re not carrying yourself well and your potential readers are able to immediately judge you, you might feel like throwing up your hands and saying, “I’m a pathetic ghost whose own ghost exists.” But that is a poor approach because readers aren’t judging you on how good you can write; they are judging you on your writing.

When you are determined to try your best, you won’t have to suffer fools gladly.

Create contacts

If you can’t find a connection, you don’t have a brand. You have to create connections to get set up with projects. That is the difference between just writing and being able to get your work seen by readers.

Don’t give up

You have to try harder and harder. It takes a lot of commitment to succeed, but unlike in any other profession, you have no opportunity to fail. Don’t give up. You are always in this business to succeed.

Do it the good way

Be positive. Express yourself the best way you can. It will help you build your brand. The first thing you can learn when it comes to building your brand is that when it comes to marketing your business, don’t do it the wrong way. Do it the good way because you will find results.

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