There are many reasons why you may want to outsource some of your workload to others.

You may find that ordinary daily activities take up too much of your time, you want to free up time to do other things (and complete these daily activities), or you don’t have the expertise to perform certain tasks. and so forth.

Outsourcing a job may sound simple, but you still need to carefully choose the freelancer to do the job for you.

In this article I share 5 outsourcing tips that will save you from all the frustrations of these freelancers:

1. Be very clear about what is needed

You don’t want your freelancer to make assumptions about your exact requirements, so it’s important to list every step a freelancer needs to get the job done (this also avoids misunderstandings between freelancers and you).

You may also need to be careful about writing your description in clear and easy-to-understand English. Don’t use rhetoric as some of these freelancers may be from countries like India, the Middle East or the Philippines, and English is not their first language.

2. Check the freelancer’s portfolio before hiring him/her

Before hiring a specific freelancer, request his/her portfolio (so you can review his/her past projects). From there you can assess the quality of his/her work and determine whether you want to communicate with him/her.

You can also view comments about a particular freelancer by looking at feedback about him/her given by other people (who have previously participated in his/her services).

3. Hire multiple freelancers

If you have a big job, don’t give them all to a freelancer. For example, you need someone to write 100 articles on a topic for you. Don’t hire just one freelancer to write all 100 articles for you, but hire 2, 3, or even 4 freelancers to complete the job for you (for example, if you hire 4 freelancers, you can ask questions for each freelancer Professionals Write 25 Articles ) for you).

This way you can see which freelancer is doing better (and you can involve him/her in your other tasks in the future).

4. Don’t pay your freelancers right away

When paying your freelancer, don’t pay him/her right away. I suggest you pay him/her when 50% of the work is completed (and you are happy with it) and the remaining 50% when he/she has completed the task.

5. Consider giving your freelancers a monetary reward

If your freelancer has done a great job for you, consider paying a little more for his/her efforts (above the agreed price).

By giving him/her a little motivation, he/she will put more effort into tasks planned for him/her in the future, and the quality of your work will be higher – this is definitely a win-win for both parties The situation for you and your self-employed person.

Here are 5 outsourcing techniques to follow when hiring a freelancer to perform tasks for you.


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