Not The Normal Tips For Being A Freelance Copywriter

While becoming a successful freelancer isn’t something you can fully learn from a $5 eBook, there are many suggestions that provide important key directions and concepts. Here we list some less common tips to make you a freelance writer, which you may not read in these places. Unless you understand it and stick to it as much as possible, your chances of making money as a successful freelancer are slim. Sad face.

1. Learn to type well (which means fast)
You may not have heard of it, but facing reality, time is money, right? This is certainly the case for most freelance writing jobs, as you are almost always paid “per word”. So obviously you need to make sure your fingers follow your thoughts as smoothly as possible.
Don’t worry about how to learn as there are free websites that will help you learn touch or type quickly.

2. Expand your vocabulary
This is not important because you are trying to “show off”, but because the words are meaningful. If you want to express your opinion, you must be able to do so as clearly and accurately as possible. The only way to improve your writing skills is to read, read and read. It doesn’t matter what you read, but if you have clients in a certain field, they may have a professional vocabulary that you need to master in order to write persuasively.

Needless to say you have to spell it correctly. There are no excuses here. Check your work for spelling every time, but remember: spell checkers are error-prone, so don’t rely on them alone. Please make sure to personally read through your content before clicking “Submit”.

3. Work hard to build your confidence
One of your biggest long-term challenges is striving for higher income goals. The “content factory” (a place like Fiverr where you can write articles for $5) can start because you can get some practice and build trust. While you won’t find a well-paid, long-term, truly professional freelance writing show there, it’s worth keeping all the recommendations you get from these clients, as you can apply in person or apply for a job later. own website Use them.

4. Understand Different Types of Writing
One of the best things about becoming a copywriter is that you can do just about anything. Different types of jobs require different skills, and some jobs have higher salaries than others, so you may want to consider specializing in higher-paying jobs. Here are a few examples, but the list could go on and on on the page.

• White paper
• Case Study
• Landing page
• Technical writing
• Ghost blog
• SEO copywriting
• Write a booklet
• Writing for radio or television
• News ads

5. Learn to conduct effective research
When you start your copywriting work, you need to know two things: all the information about the customer’s products and all the information about the competitor’s products. You need to be able to scan information quickly (printed and online) and pick out the most important information related to your work. Crucially, what can your product do that your competitors can’t? Solve this problem and you’ll be back home in no time.

6. Be proactive
The internet has vastly increased the job opportunities for writers. Now companies can easily go “online”, so someone has to provide the text on these pages. Keep in mind that in 99.99% of the cases, these potential customers already have their own business, but don’t know anything about writing. If you can contact them and say, “Hey…I noticed you have a nice website. Need help writing it?”

This is exactly what to say. Really open it up like that. This is just a simple question, but if they need help, they will tell you. You can absolutely guarantee that you will eventually find someone in need.

7. Build a writing portfolio
At the start of your brilliant copywriting career, there’s no difference in what you invest in your portfolio (as long as you’re proud of it, of course). After you create a niche for yourself, this initial portfolio will change later. Start with your hobbies and interests, and show them to friends and acquaintances, they can put you in touch with people who are willing to pay for your writing. (This is also a good way to get used to showing your work to others. Accept criticism!) Start with articles, review articles, and even poetry until you get into paid work.

8. Build some kind of website
Most people who say they want to become freelance writers will never do anything. They would just sit there, hoping to copy the fairy and turn them into one. Therefore, just buy a simple WordPress or Blogger website and you can beat 99% of the websites. It doesn’t have to be luxurious

Give you some thoughts, right? When you develop a skill, someone wants it. From there it’s just (1) plan (2) do (3) assess… over and over, every week, every month, every year will get better. Let’s start, don’t stop.

good luck. Remember… the author of this article hated English in high school, but now he earns a living by writing. This is really possible.

Copywriter Collective was founded in Amsterdam in 2002. Originally called The Collective of Great British Creatives, we specialize in representing British freelance creatives in the Netherlands. The demand for English copywriters and designers in Europe has led to a rapid expansion of our client base, and in turn people have begun to demand other nationalities and disciplines.

As the world’s largest international agency and the only agency operating in the pan-European region, Copywriter Collective today represents more than 150 freelancers from eight countries and six key disciplines. Our clients range from leading international advertising companies to world famous brands to local businesses.


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