Hiring The Right Freelance Writer For Your Business

Seven Practical Tips for Hiring The Right Freelance Writer For Your Business

With freelancing becoming increasingly popular, freelancers find themselves faced with the question of how to land the position that they want. The tools of the trade have changed but how to actually apply? We’re here to break it down for you.

We’re in the age of decentralized computation, with artificial intelligence powering a variety of different applications and applications that were once impossible to build due to their size or sensitivity.

These tech limitations have caused a number of employees to ditch or reduce their jobs in favour of self-employment.

Hire someone that has exceptional typing skills

Before someone jumps directly to hiring, try and read through and understand any relevant CV and testing.

Try to gauge your writing (or writing skills in general) on how impressive your writing skills are and also how unique you are to the writing market.

Don’t overpay

Unlike traditional business career jobs, freelancing will not give you salary where you don’t have to prove yourself every other week.

Your best way to get the right person (at the right price) is to offer them a regular payment for a role that you can take off your back and you can do for example.

Always offer solid feedback and strong feedback to get more and more freelance writing talent who will stay for longer.

Don’t delay recruitment

Make sure that you know who you want for a given position well in advance and finally set up an interview timetable to be able to get your interview to go off without fail.

Use resume editing tools

If you want the top writers, you have to do more than search in niche searches and boards like Upwork, Freelancer and UpXr.

Those services work mainly on resumes that have been written and/or edited previously.

We cannot tell you how amazing this will taste, but the return and subsequent career opportunities will be staggering.

1. Spread your search strategically

By placing your search in more than one niche search engine, you will be able to find the work that is highest in demand.

By connecting with your ideal candidate, you will finally be able to complete the key goals of getting your profile up on popular sites like Upmarket and Upcast while also pushing your work to where the talent will be at.

2. Join forums and social networks

The following are some of the best freelance writing forums and social media platforms to take advantage of today.

Post your writing on these platforms and let your stories reach your target audience.

If you have a lot of followers and readers, you will generate more and more work (and cash) based on your links to the platforms you share your writing on.

2. Join exciting events

It’s not advisable to hold conference calls with freelance writing writers just to send out your proof of work as you would with a traditional job, but events certainly push the value of the word of mouth and increase your chances of getting a job.

Write an article, create social media posts about it and take the brand of content one step further to actually tell the people who read your story that you are writing it, and this will boost you confidence to take on more writing projects.

You will also be able to link to your other freelance projects, such as where you picked up the data and other skills.

3. Set up proofreading consultancy

Do you have the experience? Maybe you have been writing for a number of years and you have had a company to fill in these positions.

Check with your professional skills and to assess your potential writing expertise, this would be a great tool to integrate.

By sourcing potential writers and writing their work, you can collaborate on marketing and ultimately share more services together with the chosen writers.

The financials can also also be negotiated and at the end of the day, there is something to gain out of anything at this point, even if the effort was used for the sole reason to pay the bills.

4. Research potential hiring agencies

Clicking on agencies allows you to research and read about the best agencies in the market and what services they offer to freelancers.

The further in the search bar you go, the better your chances become of getting a job.

Don’t underestimate your brand

For a freelancer, you need to own the work that you put out.

The work that you get done must be of quality, supported with insightful research and at the same time, you need to deliver any brand and reputation messaging that you yourself are passionate about and can deliver the results.

Hire someone that will help you acquire new and competitive writers if it helps you scale up your business faster.

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