Hiring Freelance Designers

You have a big project you are working on right now, you need to hire some professionals to help with it. Why is it a good idea? Because…Here you go.

Let’s see how you can hire an excellent freelancer.

1. What you’re looking for?

The question of hiring an expert freelance designer is not only something you’ll ask for the first hire. You will also get good help with that, but in order to be good with that. Have you done your homework, see what you need for this project and what makes your projects that much better. Therefore, go to a site like Dribbble or jobvibe and understand what you need.

2. How long?

Your project is not long, but it needs to be simple and to do the best work. It is a good idea to also ask if your company is set up to hire freelancers for projects of up to six months and also in your capital expenditures. If you don’t have this, it is a good idea to become aware of certain areas that can help you to get an effective job done. Find out about how long it takes you to get a good job done.

3. What is the brand you are looking for?

In order to hire an expert, it is important to find out what your brand will look like. Just having an idea of the brand that is your business is not enough. Make sure you get a character from the brand of your business, see how they want it built, what they would like, and also a general idea of their brand.

4. Are you fully trained in your industry?

Identify if you can get an expert that is fully trained in your field and how long they would need to get the best product for you.

5. Are you active in your field?

Being active in your industry and have a good reputation among others that are in the same industry is important, and needs to be worked on.

We are going to do a graphic design job, once I used the JustGraphics application, I wanted to hire a freelance designer from JustGraphics. Their services are detailed and with just a few clicks, I got them.

Obviously, you need to research that before hiring. Don’t need to be exhaustive about it. We chose a designer based on her experience with my project, and I used her personal website for an example of our work that has been done.

The first thing you can do is to find the website that she has used in her website, and search with whatever features you have in mind. For my project, I was not sure what kind of projects she does or how she works, but I decided to peruse her personal website and check it out. A picture of the website she chose was very good. From the homepage, you get an idea of her work. She has an 8 months client profile on the front of her website, and you can see a picture of her with a few projects she has been working on.

I started by performing Google research and saw her homepage, and I then wondered how she found these people.

As I was trying to find details on her profiles, I found, that, on her personal website, she does have a Google Relevance+ status. She actually has a google achievement of +1 from her business. She is here on Instagram, you can see a picture of her. I went onto her LinkedIn profile and read her profile. The connections I made on LinkedIn intrigued me. A connection that I had seen in my inbound marketing for my business. She is the same subject matter expert I was looking for. So let’s take a look at her profile.

She got started on her site after four days, a very short time, and in that 4 days, she has grown over 100 connections. She used the JustGraphics platform as the connection which will have provided her access to different brands, and a social influence of brands I wanted to do more with.

She used the tool; Facebook to advertise her career. It really was from her resume so, using it, even though she asked for the features, I invited her to be my publication writer, I will now put her work in the way that I want it to be presented. This way, she knows what she is doing as a publisher, and knew what she was presenting.

Her Linkedin profile showed she was qualified, and that she worked for Sony. So let’s see what it does for her job now. In order to get this information, I had to access her Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. That is a great looking profile. The wall behind her shows a profile picture of her with Tony from JustGraphics, and you get to read the company she is working for. You can then see she got this business started less than a week ago.

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