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Freelance Writer, Agency, Or Hired Writer?

Something about wanting to do my own thing and still have the option of doing a client gig has always bugged me. Every freelance marketing or writing job requires a proof of competency, but when I’m freelance, it all boils down to proving why I’m a perfect fit for the job. A lot of freelancers have a thing that makes them stand out, which I mean when they’re trying to find their way, and it almost never works out for the better.

It’s not that I’m bad at freelancing, but it’s much easier for me to speak to someone directly and answer questions about their job, so I find it more likely that I’ll get my answer right. I’m able to take more ownership over my success on a freelance gig as well because I can edit out extraneous factors.

That said, that doesn’t mean I’m always wrong about what interests me, or that the answer will always be the same, and sometimes just because I’m on a different topic entirely just makes me very eager to get out there and find my voice. Either way, if you ask me about what I look for in a potential client, I’m not just going to say “Ahead of time, I have a handful of clues to prove how I can write better.” Instead, I’ll encourage you to come up with something that’s similar to what I’m looking for.

You have to love writing, you have to be enthusiastic about storytelling, and you have to be willing to entertain yourself in order to be a full-time writer.

Without any of those qualities, it’s easier to lose yourself in the weeds. Making things simpler, like being able to write something by yourself, is actually going to help in other areas because once you know where you’re at, it’s going to allow you to start looking at how you can make a little progress in other areas.

Before you graduate to a job where you have clear responsibilities and a job description that will dictate your writing style, you have to know what you’re looking for. Next time you’re looking to find out what you’re going to be doing, look at that thing you haven’t really done yet: your resume.

Would it be good for you? Would it really let people know how good you are? What separates you from other people?

If you are a writing freelance or freelance marketing or writing writing agency employee, you might also need to figure out what shows what you like to do: computer programming, internet marketing, web development, content writing, blogging, online marketing, social media, etc.

At least now you know what an agent of Google would look for when they’re looking to hire someone. If they’re searching for someone that writes in isolation, you might need to consider offering them a piece of JavaScript to work on. If they’re searching for someone that has experience on a technical platform, they may need to try working with an individual script editor.

Once you realize what you’re looking for, you can get out to see if anyone else is looking to hire a writer.

Whether you’re freelance writing for someone else or you need a new client, just remember that you’re in control of your story. You can determine what type of writing you do, what your criteria for accepting new client work is, and how you know that you’re perfect for your job.

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