Freelance Writing Success – How to Survive and Thrive

I have been writing for over twenty years. While I have enjoyed many aspects of my life and career, I did not see success on my path. It took many experiences to show me this. What brought me to my knees was when I realized how many aspiring writers and freelancers were writing for nothing and struggling. To date, I have only succeeded by writing for a living.

That being said, it is true that just about anybody can write. This is a great thing. It will be an overwhelming and empowering experience for you.

But it is also true that you have to work for it. Yes, every job is different. Some jobs require more skills than others. But there is one piece of advice you cannot hesitate to follow. Start now and become a freelance writer and success will come.

Have a Habit of Refraining from Long-Term Debt

You may be writing or selling products, services, or printing books and manuscripts, or you may be volunteering in your community or teaching, or you may be self-employed. Some of these jobs will require capital or money. Some jobs will be on your back. Others will give you a chance to try something new. Still others may have the ability to move up in your career. Regardless of your job, you should commit to living paycheck to paycheck. If you have a habit of borrowing money, then you cannot do it now. That is just eating the grass for money, and you need to be healthy. This will help you long-term, especially if you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur.

Have the Fundamentals

Writing will definitely take time. Some weeks you will write or sell something. Some weeks you will not. It will be different but you are what you do. The difference is that one week you will learn a new part of the writing process. You will gain a new perspective and a new way of approaching writing. You will achieve a higher level of craftsmanship, which will allow you to further your skills and the story of your writing. One thing that does take time is the necessity of working and gaining experience. With the transition from traditionally published writers and professional writers to self-publishing writers and independent writers, we now find ourselves in an age that favors entrepreneurialism. With the ability to write and sell your own books, you can gain experience so you can bring the best that you know about writing and selling.

Don’t Understand the Concept of Content Writing

You do not have to go through the various formats that may exist. Not every story has the same format. You will have different profiles to customize your experience. Some stories will be “love stories.” Others will be “real life stories.” Some will be less insightful and less in depth stories. You can experiment with the structure of your story but know that no story is universal. To assume that your story will be received the same will be a mistake.

You have to have a formula to your writing. It is easy to fall into a trap of following trends. You cannot beat the market. You have to be stubborn and follow your gut instinct. It is easy to be so engrossed in trends that your thoughts are not in harmony with what is being done. It is easier to visit libraries and obtain some advice from people who write. What you need to know is that your story needs to be unique. This will help you stand out from the crowd. It helps you earn a living for writing and selling your work. This way, you don’t have to labor a loss, and you will stay out of debt.

Know how to adapt

If you are a writer and you can’t let go of it, then you will suffer just as you have in your life as a human. The virus has resulted in the death of everyone who did not get this fatal sickness, including the virus and the virus-free humans. This has not only brought us the best educated workforce on the face of the earth. This has also brought about creativity and new methods. You will learn that entrepreneurs are creative. They are competent and they are skeptical thinkers.

Do not think in extremes. It will leave you in despair. Don’t think the writing industry will also go out of business. Many freelancers have seen a decrease in work. It is human nature to expect things to stay as they are. People tend to write to keep their head above water.

That thinking can only leave you in fear. To succeed with your writing, you have to learn to take calculated risks. Just as you cannot be afraid to venture into unknown waters. To write, you need to be prepared. You need to know that there will be failures along the way. There will be times when you realize you’re not who you thought you were. That is how you have to live in the world. To do not live your life in fear of that. Instead, embrace the give and take aspect of creativity.

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