Doing Freelance Work With Kids in the House

It is very difficult to get the right income these days, especially for freelancers who work from home. If you have children, it is a real challenge for you to balance the time you spend at home taking care of the children. As for the day-to-day work of a freelancer with your kids at home, you can actually achieve your goals in many ways. Most of it comes down to time management and making sure you have your own priorities too. Here are some suggestions for freelancing with kids at home:

Working while sleeping

Make sure you can do the most important freelance tasks while your child sleeps. It may be night when they are sleeping. Make sure you train them to go to bed at a specific time each day, perhaps around 7 or 8 p.m. You can also work in the morning before the kids wake up – this is the best time because you can have the quietest time of the day. It depends on your family time and the type of work you do, but these two specific times are the best time for freelance parents to start a project.

Turn your office into a media room

You can also turn your office into a space to play games and watch videos for your kids. It will divert their attention from you, about 2 hours you can make the most of this time to deal with the people who urgently need to complete the project during the day. Keep some comics and videos that may be helpful. You can buy Barbie dolls for girls and cars for boys. Or you can ask the nanny to look after the child at a certain time of the day, while also having a conference call in the office. This saves you time and allows you to reach the valuable customers you work with.

Buy a laptop

Always keep moving. As a freelancer, it is more convenient to bring a laptop or handheld. It allows you to deal with things that do not require concentration when you are with your child. This can be done in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house. If you need to respond to specific customers, you can always use your laptop.

These are just some of the tips for us to freelance at home with kids. You can also find more information on the internet, you just need to follow the freelancer’s blog. Most of them did give tips and tricks to improve the work they enjoy doing.


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