Choosing a Freelance Writer For Your Project

Choosing a Freelance Writer For Your Project


if you’re a freelance writer writing about data science, then, yes, there is a lot of competition out there and a lot of freelance writing opportunities! but who are you? That is a question that we’ve all taken some hits at: self-contentment is a bit of a buzzword and most freelancers haven’t had that many moments in their careers where they’ve truly felt content or confident to be successful. So it’s a difficult question to answer.

In this context, it’s more helpful to consider yourself as a small business owner. You’re only doing your jobs. You have to do it the best way you can, so you come up with the original idea, and you go out and buy the tools to get the idea done. It’s pretty much that simple.

However, the problem with the small business owner’s mentality is that the markets are exponentially growing, and your customers have grown, and so have your customers, and so on. You have to be successful as an entrepreneur but you also need to be successful as a freelance writer.

Right now, people don’t really want to invest their time and their hard-earned money in a writer who never had a book published or a winning story written on their website. But, with that said, there is an audience out there who knows you already, who’s familiar with your ethos, and wants to share a little bit of their time with you, to help you get the work done and get paid. So what is your opportunity to do that? You have to think of different ways of addressing those different types of clients.

That’s why, if you’re working for an established organization or a bigger agency (more than a full-time author), do a sort of jig dance. What do you feel is the most beneficial way to approach your clients — that you’re familiar with, that you’ve already built relationships with? Is there a thing you can offer them that they might value? Is there a little bit of custom content you can create to give them the inside scoop they really need? Because, you don’t want to be just, “Write some words for us!”

Clients have different priorities, different goals, different levels of expertise, all of which need to be understood. You have to position yourself to be what their own needs are, what your clients’ goals are, and what type of content they are most interested in receiving, what your ability to deliver.

Make sure you approach your clients carefully. Make sure you know who you’re writing for. The last thing you want to be writing for is a fly-by-night writing agency, that you’re just getting your start and can’t give quality work. That doesn’t end well.

Then, try to find ways to you are able to fit you work in alongside their other work. Come to the table, say, “Hey! I’m new to our agency or current clients, but here’s what I have to say about the work I’m doing for you. You might have heard about my latest writing project, and we’re excited to hear what else you have to say about me and my writing.”

Then, find out more about the fact that the organization in question is happy to hear stories from themselves about a particular individual, from their own teams or from their clients. Find out a little bit about them, too. That said, make sure that whatever you say isn’t about how talented you are, about how exciting they are, or how articulate your stories are. It’s the articles, so be a font of clarity, information, and humor!

So, what does that imply? It’s a work in progress. The more you write, the better you can come to people and say, “Hey! We’re the ones publishing the story you’re telling in our publications.”

In the meantime, be careful of what brand you portray and what information you’re putting out into the world that you don’t have full control over. The definition of success as a writer in 2020 isn’t as simple as you see it, so you can’t take a lot of the opportunities presented to you, so why do you take them when they go to everyone in your network?

More than anything, writing should be a fun and exciting way to earn your paycheck, but you’re doing the same thing with your mind all day, and don’t you know if it’s a great idea to get something in the way of the more in-depth

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