Build a Successful Legitimate Freelance Writing Business With Fiverr

If you’re reading this article, I assume you’re already familiar with Fiverr’s work. You can create “shows” or small tasks and complete or sell these tasks for $5 each. You wonder, how can anyone in the world work day and night, sell his job or whatever for $5, and live a decent life? The secret is to create performances in small pieces. For example, I have a performance where I have to write a book review of no more than 150 words. If buyers want more than 150 words of reviews, they must purchase multiple $5 shows.

However, the real key to a successful freelance writing business with Fiverr is that it’s just getting started. This is your way to build your own writing portfolio, collect client recommendations and understand what kind of work you want to write, not what you do. Of course, if your income needs are low (good for you!) Fiverr can provide you with a stable income, making it a goal in itself. But I found that Fiverr has some side benefits:

Completing many small orders has improved my writing speed

My writing has improved

Writing is generating ideas for my own work

With all these additional ideas constantly popping up, I’ve developed the discipline to pay myself first. In other words, the day before I switched to writing to complete the order, I first wrote my own articles, blogs, and books. For example, the article you are currently reading. Yes, I have urgent orders on Fiverr and other free websites. I currently have six orders, but these are my own and need to be written down to clear my head and focus on the customer’s needs.

As a freelance writer, I won’t do anything on Fiverr.

Writing ghosts. I think if I sweated to write, I would publish it myself and reap the benefits of continued passive income. Why get paid only once? If you publish it in your own name, you can get royalties for the book or use it on your own blog or website.

False comments. I hate this one, don’t I! ? I will honestly rate the books and products that I have actually read or used (I know what this is!), but I want to reject those who ask me to put 15 reviews in my book. How can you have more than one Amazon account? When I sold books from two different places, I once had two books. I was hit and almost lost my Amazon account – without my Amazon account life can’t go on! I think the Amazon police force is huge and active!

Overall, Fiverr is a good place to start if you write freely. Soon you will find that you have to refuse to work with the flow of orders.

How You Can Get Business Through Fiverr

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website that helps freelancers and buyers develop projects together. In Fiverr’s gig economy, buyers have three options for involving suppliers in their projects:

Create a buyer request with details about the item
Pick a supplier they’ve used before
Browse users in the niche, they want to find someone who can take on their project
How do suppliers make money on Fiverr?
For sellers on Fiverr, this is a bit like the situation with Catch-22. When you start your journey on Fiverr, it’s unlikely that many people will ask you to work with you because they don’t know you and you don’t have any comments to check on your work.

There are two ways to solve this problem. One is shady but has been used, although your account can be deleted if found. That is, ask friends and relatives to buy the show and give you an excellent reference. Fortunately, most buyers are smart enough to see through this.

The best way, at least initially, is to browse buyer inquiries to find works you can bid on. This is an opportunity to explain how you can do the job for the buyer better than others. In addition, at the beginning of your supplier journey, it is important that the price is reasonable so that buyers are more willing to give you the opportunity. After all, it’s nothing to spend $5 or $10 on risk to get something that could be great, right?

How to get more money?

Obviously, you need to get more performance options. But for that you have to deliver a performance that really does you good. This means that they must be really excellent. Whether your client pays you $5 or $50, the work you do should be great. This way, you’re more likely to get responses (you won’t always get responses, but don’t worry, you’ll get some responses).

As your comments continue to grow, more people will see them, see that you’re doing well, and provide you with work, without having to get a job from buyer requests.

Increase the price of your achievements.

Eventually you will find that many people ask you to do the show. There will be many people on your waiting list. This means people can see you’re cheap and want to get you while you’re still cheap.

Now is the time to adjust your performance and slightly increase your performance fee. If the order quantity is about the same, you will earn more money with each order. However, if you raise your performance fee too much, your revenue will sink to the bottom.

The way to determine if the performance fee you are charging is “correct” is to ask your current customers and check your competitors. If you get good feedback from your customers and your competitors seem to charge you or more, then you’ve come to the right place.

Good luck and enjoy the gig economy!

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