Tips On How To Become A Freelance Writer

People write a lot of things. And because writing involves storytelling, people write about anything and everything. We do so much at the office. We read newspapers. We read magazines. We watch films. And we watch television.

We go on vacations and write about what we saw on the plane. We write stories for commercials. We watch sports stories and tell them to a friend. We watch a TV show and tell someone that we enjoyed it. We write about who looked hot, who stayed alive, who drank, who doesn’t, who went crazy, who said really dumb things, who stopped breathing, who skipped a class, who lost their temper, who got killed, who stopped caring.


To be awake and tell people about what they saw during the ride or what they heard while it was going.

There are many things that are being written. Why?

We write about us. We read into ourselves and into our careers. And because it is about the inside of our personalities, we also write about our lives.

Because there is nothing new to say, we write about ourselves. You probably do the same. And since you write about yourself and how you see yourself, you start making stories of that.

You’re obviously a fiction writer. So what do you need to know to start writing a book?

Start by yourself. Figure out who you are as a writer. Then figure out what story you are going to write about.

If you’re a comedy writer, then you write about how funny the people in your life are. If you’re a fiction writer, you write about who you think is fun to write about. People usually write about what they are experiencing. No matter how often a person, once they have a story that they can tell, it is a well-written story. It reads like a real life account. We’re all writing our personal stories right now.

There is a method. It sounds like a math sentence that I can’t solve. Let me help you a little.

Just imagine the scenario that you would want to write.

Now imagine that you have been given two choices.

1. Write about how your life is. You’re writing about yourself because you don’t know the answer to how you write about yourself.

2. Write about your life. You’re writing about your life because you want to show others that you’re trying to share your life. It could be cool. It might make you feel special and special. Or it could be bad news. It’s about how you write about what is really happening in your life.

Both books will be good stories. And they are in the same genre. So you need to have some ideas in each one of them. You have to find the definition of a story. It’s getting more difficult the closer you get to writing your story. But you won’t be surprised. You won’t know where the starting point of the story is. If it takes you longer than a day to write your story, it might be a false start. If you put it all together, then it will be a really good story. Then, you don’t really need the two stories that you have before writing a full novel.

So what’s the score?

In my opinion, you write a single story, like a monologue. In other words, you can write up to a point, and then you tell a story with words. A complicated sentence will make no sense. A single sentence will tell you a story about who your character is, or how you see them. There are a lot of other endings that can be attached to your story.

What do I want to say?

You write. There is a way.

You go through a process of coming up with the story first. You write a story about yourself. And once you have to write the story, you are writing it like a short story. Sometimes, you want to get into a headspace. The headspace is the place where the story starts. If you really love writing, then you are writing in that headspace and writing your story. But it is simple. Write first. Once you have the first few words in your mind, write them. If you have a vague idea of how it should end, just write that.

Once you have your first few words, write again, and edit the story. And edit it some more until you have your finished story. Do it, and then edit it even more. Every time you edit, polish and make the story better.

Your stories will be good. And you’ll be so proud to write your story.

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