15 Tips For Being a Successful Freelance Writer

15 Tips For Being a Successful Freelance Writer

I still remember the first year when I did not have any income in any income. During this phase, I remember what success felt like. I remember running my own freelancing business, wondering how everything will work out.

I wondered what would happen to me in 2018 when there was no pay. I couldn’t tell myself how good it would be when I finally got an income.

I can say now that I would never let myself go through the same situation again. Here are some of the tips that helped me regain my confidence again:

1. Know what would stop you being successful.

There are a lot of different things. Some things in life do not stop. It could be some illness, a disease, a setback or an accident. In some cases, things might still be good. Others don’t have a sign of slowing down.

2. Know where you’re leaving off.

Most people start somewhere. They look at previous employers, teachers, and such. That’s what I did with the work I wanted to do.

After my friends started spending their days working, I was able to look to other places. Before I knew it, I was working at the same place I quit.

3. Keep an open mind.

I am a problem solver. I am always trying to outsmart others. People will play hard to have what I have. It is important to always remember there are no hard luck stories. Not all people have everything, which means not all things have happened to me.

4. Take chances.

Most people who start out in a creative field will not take as many chances as me. I have always made one way and another road. I know that someone might take my jobs so that he gets to see my character.

5. Don’t lose confidence.

If people expect you to come up with the best ideas and is successful in it, don’t lose your confidence. Learn how to earn your own money. No matter how old you are, there is no telling what you can do with it.

6. Locate people who don’t know what you’re going through.

One thing people always give advice to newbies is: “If you can make a living just blogging, you can make more money as a writer than you can as a startup owner”. But people don’t know a thing about success when they get started.

7. Follow your passion.

If you are passionate about something, why aren’t you doing it? If you have passion for a job, why aren’t you going to spend your life making it happen?

8. Have a good personality.

Successful people will always find a way to get the job they want. For me, I was confident that I will write a book and it would be published.

But the way it went up? I didn’t know. I had confidence. I just followed my path and things worked out eventually.

9. Have perseverance.

The work keeps going through you. The work pays you in one way or another. But it does not let you waste your time. If you have perseverance, you will never have to stress about a challenging thing.

10. Encourage yourself.

If you doubt yourself, you won’t live the life you want. If you are not ready for your career, then follow your own path, which will get you good opportunities sooner or later.

11. Always be motivated.

Let whatever comes you, always be motivated to do your job, which can be difficult. At the same time, avoid the area of living in an easy environment.

12. Follow a rigid regimen.

Once you start a job, it is not possible to reach an easy level of productivity. You will feel overwhelmed. If your job is doable, then do it. If not, or even if you put in the effort, you will not succeed.

13. Make enough money for work.

For every time I cannot pay my rent, I will think of finding a job with money for it. All my money will go for rent and bills. Nothing else will do to save my house.

I need to build my bank account slowly. Making enough money will boost my confidence level. So many people feel they will never make money if they start at a very young age. The good thing with money is that it will not ruin our integrity. The way to save your house is to save your income.

14. Become the boss.

Once I realized I could not make money on my own, I became a coach and made money for my clients.

I coach clients to build their own business. Every time they get an idea to build their own business, I do everything I can. That’s

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