Fiverr Networking and Building an Authority Website

Contacting and inviting guest bloggers will drive more traffic and produce quality content

Today I spent some time reviewing performances and profiles of other freelance writers from Fiverr. My original intention was to send them show orders to answer my Fiverr questionnaire. I did order 5 gigs for this, but another help was that I studied their profile and performance description. I’ve rewritten my Fiverr profile to make it sound more professional:

I am a native English writing professional with over 20 years of experience. I deliver ideas, original content, copywriting, reviews and whitepapers. Inquire about other services related to writing. High quality, honest and ethical service that exceeds quantity is my mission. Bachelor, Master, MASCIS in CIS, Ph.D ABD.

Another thing about ordering shows from other writers is networking and making new connections. I don’t know how Fiverr’s algorithm works, but I strongly suspect that as long as my profile or achievement gets clicked, they will get more services.

For my paid show attendee blog questionnaire, I selected only top sellers. But I chose some experience with three years of experience to one or two years of inexperience. Currently I only contact freelance writers, but in the future I may dabble in other areas.

I think having guest bloggers will get me more traffic and provide quality content. But I can’t recommend this to freelance writers on tight budgets. This is a completely affordable cost for my current full-time corporate job. I think these initial investments will pay off in the long run, because the key to building an authoritative website (my goal for MyFiverrYear) is to have a lot of quality content. I can only write so much. And I know that other people who come here want to read the opinions of Fiverrs that have been successful for a while. After all, I’m only on the eighth day and the second week!


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